Direct Color Dye

Sometimes It’s got very hard to find just the right color for our clothing line, especially when we have low minimums; people are forced to go with solid color fabric that is industry standard, but with Ribble Sports, it’s different.

As a customer, you have the choice to mention the Pantone color of your garment to be applied to a ready fabric, and we can do that for you we have a team that helps us and enables us to do it in a cost-effective way for our customers.

Reactive Color Dye

As we know, reactive colors are inn and more permanent colors; these colors don’t fade away easily even after several machine washes or even by exposure to sunlight. However, all over products in industry color are dyed using reactive color. Meanwhile, you can mention a Pantone color, which is different than normal solid colors; At Ribble Sports, you will get this option for making your garment even more durable.


As custom apparel manufacturers, Custom tie-dye designs are one of our specialties. We deal with any design, even by picture, we would love to match your fabric similar to what you are looking for, and we work with low quantities.

At Ribble Sports, we use quality reactive colors to have the apparel bio-wash for a nice feel and long-lasting performance with the colors. You are welcome to send us your design from anywhere or making something of your own and make us understand what you are looking for.

Dip Dye

We refer to the dip dye process with reactive colors to make your apparel look more customized by doing after processes on them for any design or apparel that comes in more than one or two shades.